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Texas Prime Roofing in Houston TX 

Texas Prime Roofing in Houston TX performs all types of storm damage, including residential and industrial, and deals together with all insurance companies to make the process as easy as practical for you. New Construction Roofing will partner with you every step of the way, from the first consultation to the day we pick up our last ladder. We’ve seen it all over the years, and you can be assured that we understand the importance of having maintenance completed after a major storm.

We are the largest roofing company in Houston. We can be helped in the case of a crisis. We see and patch flood and hail injury, meteor impacts, and earthquake, hurricane, and intense thunderstorm wind damage. We’ll partner with you and your insurance company to make sure you receive the coverage and maintenance you need.

Homeowners perceive hail on roofs to be the most destructive form of weather. Extreme storms, on the other side, are far more prone to do harm to the rooftop. Powerful winds will break down tree branches as well as knock down shingles and open the structure to leaks from the walls.

While the wind is a daunting opponent, our specialists will provide you with the dependable assistance you need to restore your roof during a storm. To learn more about our services, contact us today! Since seeing the devastation caused by a storm, you’ll recognize why so many people entrust their homes to us.

When there’s a storm, get new construction roofing

Some symptoms of wind destruction, such as damaged and turned shingles, can be more challenging to spot from the ground. That is why a roof inspection is needed after a major storm. The curled shingles reveal the holes in your house. Fortunately, timely maintenance can help you in avoiding roof loss during the next hurricane.

Experts on all things free storm damage inspection

If your roof has been seriously damaged by a hurricane, our licensed contractor will offer emergency maintenance services the next day to prevent additional harm to your roof and the interior of your home or company (existing customers). Please do not hesitate to notify us if this sort of harm arises, since we recognize that it necessitates urgent action. To provide you with the mediation process, we partner with law and regulation companies.

Your home or company is your most precious possession. Don’t assign duties to someone other than the most competent professionals. Roofing upgrades are a significant investment that necessitates the services of a skilled and dedicated professional. For your home or company, nothing less is appropriate. From storm-damaged roof repair to shingle removal and flat roof construction, we do it all.

By not cutting corners or losing quality or quantity, we have been a roofing industry leader. Our marketing model was never focused on gaining a vast number of customers as fast as possible. Our workers have shown a strong degree of concern and loyalty. We are really proud of the fact that word-of-mouth has been our most effective marketing form for many years. To hear what so many people in the region already do, contact the Jacksonville Florida roofing company today. The certified roofing installer you’ve been searching for is Texas Prime Roofing!

Assisting hurricane, tropical storm, and other weather event Victims


In Houston, Texas, hurricane season runs from early June to the end of November. With each passing year, tropical storms and hurricanes grow increasingly strong, placing people throughout the state at risk of severe property loss. We recognize the devastating financial and other consequences that hurricanes bring on the people of Houston, TX, which is why we are ready to provide you with extensive reconstruction services.

Growing flood levels may be viewed differently than storm, wind and rain damage. Additional solutions for restoring and maintaining your new home are available from us. We’ll set out our options, draw some conclusions, and come up with a plan to bring you back on your feet as soon as possible.

New construction roofing wind-and-storm restoration services

New construction roofing, will handle the whole clean-up and repair phase, allowing customers to rebuild as soon as possible from the damage caused by wind and storms. Our skilled community is returning homes and warehouses to their initial state through a comprehensive variety of restoration and rehabilitation services. Our advisors partner closely with insurance companies and regulators to ensure that our customers have access to all relevant plans while holding out-of-pocket expenses to a low. Wind and storm effect predictions are comprehensive and accurate.

New construction roofing

Storms, high tides, strong waves, and even tornadoes are normal in Jacksonville, Florida, and the rest of the southern United States. Storms have the potential to inflict substantial collateral damage. When it comes to storm destruction, your wellbeing is our top priority at Texas Prime Roofing in Houston TX. Many storm-damaged buildings are strewn with debris that may be dangerous. This debris must be collected and cleaned in order for you to access your home or company in a secure manner.

Maintenance work should be left to experts, and fixes should be made in compliance with the code, to ensure protection. Our property solutions team is getting ready to perform an urgent damage evaluation, which will help to deter more damage. Our team of licensed contractors at Texas Prime Roofing responds quickly to assist you to get your life back to usual as fast as possible.

Professional storm restoration roofing services for your home

It’s simpler to get through the post-storm recovery time if you know you’re surrounded by experts. We’ve worked hard as a Houston (TX) roofing company for years, and we’re grateful to have won the confidence of so many people. Enable us to win your confidence by assisting with the storm damage reconstruction.

We want to include high-quality storm-restoration roofing services at a low rate.

Grab a Houston TX storm damage quote today

Don’t fear if your house has been damaged by one of Houston TX’s fierce hurricanes— We are ready to help. As trustworthy roofers who genuinely care, we will treat you with respect and consideration when assisting you in your recovery from the hurricane.

If you need any additional information about our storm relief services, please do not hesitate to contact us! For a free quote, call our helpful workers right away or fill out our online form.

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