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  • What is roof inspection?

    Roof inspections are inspections that assess a roof’s integrity, how long it will survive, and when to repair it. Roof inspectors won’t crawl up the roof of a house you’re dreaming of purchasing and pulling up shingles or tiles.

  • What’s in a free roof inspection?

    While an inspection of the internal roof involves inspecting the attic for adequate insulation, drainage, moisture, and mold, an inspection of the exterior include going up the roof and checking for cracks and proper flashing, as well as the state of the shingles and chimney.

  • How long does a roof inspection take?

    If the main issues are evident from the ground suggesting significant repair or replacement, it will take 10 minutes from the ground to take pictures to substantiate the suggestion. If this is a professional inspection, and the roof can be reached easily, at least 30 minutes.

  • How much do you charge to inspect a roof?

    There is no cost for us to do the roof inspection. There are several widespread myths concerning roof inspection. Setting the record straight is important, so you have correct facts and take it seriously. The key to preventing costly emergency roof repair is diligent roof treatment. Inspections encourage the roofing specialist to keep up with the present situation and make changes that will help prevent emergency repairs.

  • If my roof leaks, do I need a whole new roof?

    It depends on why your roof is leaking. Older roofs with multiple worn spots and missing shingles will likely need to be replaced. If you have a leak coming in from the chimney or a single missing shingle, a repair may work just fine. Our contractors will determine how much damage has been caused by the leak and then make recommendations.

  • How long does it take to replace a roof?

    The amount of time it takes to replace a roof depends on a few different factors including how large the roof is, how many crew members will be conducting the replacement, and how experienced these crews are. On an average sized home, it should only take 1-2 days to get fully replaced, and the surrounding area to get cleaned up.

  • How much does a roof replacement cost?

    This is a good question but it’s the equivalent of asking how much a vehicle costs. The variables involved are endless. Metal roofs, asphalt shingles, colors, styles, textures, designs, slats, and many other factors weigh into this calculation. Luckily, we offer free estimates for potential clients. With no obligation, we will visit your home and provide an estimate for your roof and desired materials.